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Soyntec Sekury D 850 Line-Interactive UPS 850VA

Tuotekuva Soyntec Sekury D 850 Line-Interactive UPS 850VA.

The maximum protection for your computer. With AVR for Automatic Voltage Regulation, control and monitoring software through USB port and many other features to prevent data loss and keep your computer protected.

- Power capacity: 850VA / 480W.
- 2 Schuko C+F outputs with full protection.
- Power protection against surge, overvoltage, overload, short-circuit and spikes.
- Voltage: 220-240V AC.
- Frequency: 50/60Hz.
- Output waveform: modified sinusoidal.
- Line interactive technology with microprocessor control.
- Optical and acoustic indicators for battery level, status and overload.
- Cold start function: power up your devices during blackouts.
- Battery type: 1 x 12V/9AH.
- RJ11 ports for telephone / fax / ADSL protection.
- USB connection for computer monitoring.

Package contents:
- Sekury D850 UPS.
- CD-ROM with monitoring software.
- User manual.
- USB cable.

Without Packaging
- Dimensions: 287 x 100 x 142mm
- Weight: 4.9Kgs (battery included)
With Packaging
- Wide: 33.2 cm.
- Height: 22 cm.
- Depth: 13.8 cm.
- Weight: 5300 gr.




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